From the beginning our cuisine has been based on local products and traditional but updated recipes, in presentation and service, always insisting that the visitor be encouraged to try what is ours, to give value to the product and producer.

The beginnings were hard and uncomfortable, since the usual thing was to offer the visitor international cuisine dishes and not a Menorcan “Oliaigua” soup, but by insisting and with the certainty of the authenticity of our products, we have managed to get customers to value and respect Menorcan cuisine as a cultural and gastronomic asset.


«Oliaigua amb figes»

Tomato and vegetables soup with figs

18 €

A selection of local sausages

Sobrasada, carnixúa y camot

18 €

5 menorcan cheeses

18 €

Fried roll filled of partridge and cabbage

9 €

Mussels from the Port of Mahón, “in burrida” with pickels

18 €

Tomato salad, macerated lettuce and salted seafood

19 €

Chicken brioche with spider crab (2 pieces)

16 €

Roasted pumpkin ravioli, fresh cheese and moretum*

 *rustic pesto of Roman origin

20 €

Sea urchin royal, wild asparagus, white prawn, thermal egg and nettle sauce

19 €


The price indicated is per person-Minimum 2 people

Pork rice, “Juaneda style”

22 €

Melllow rice with octopus and onion

23 €

Rice with sea cucumber, red shrimp and Menorcan saffron

38 €

Lobster rice

73 €


Skate into black butter with cappers and sea fennel

28 €

Fish supreme “en panadera”

Version of a traditional seafood plate, similar to bouillabaisse

29 €

Tuna with romesco sauce, roasted aubegine and egg yolk

28 €

Lobster stew

73 €



Beef tenderloin Wellington “de luxe” with gravy sauce

*In our menu since 2004

31 €

Lamb gigot, Menorcan style

28 €

Chops of menorcan black pork, pear with cider and pomegranate sauce

27 €

Roast beef from Minorca with aligote and fine herbs

28 €

Desserts & Sweet wines

Menocan gin & lemonade sorbet, with fresh melon soup

12 €

Verdling de Ossian-Verdejo-Rueda-Copa: 6 €


Sweet fritters with cuscussó* and apple compote

*menorcan marzipan

12 €

Sidra de hielo asturiana Valverán-Copa: 6 €

The Mahón Menorca cheese revolution

2nd prize «Dessert revelation Madrid Fusion 2020»

12 €

Px. Toro Albalá de añada-Montilla Moriles-Copa: 6 €

Midwife soup* with shortbread ice cream and Mandarin Napoleon

*Typical french toast from Menorca

12 €

Lustau East India Solera-Jerez-Palomino y PX-Copa: 6 €

The forest

Recreation of a Mediterranean landscape based on chocolate textures

12 €

El seque tinto dulce. Monastrell. Alicante. Copa 6€

5 menorcan cheeses

18 €

Niepoort LBV-Oporto-Copa: 6 €

10% VAT included

If you have any food intolerance please let us know in advance