Tasting Menu Origin

Made exclusively with products from Menorca: Fornells salt, Ciutadella Arbequina virgin oil Ferrerias flour, Mercadal cheese, etc. A gastronomic tour around the island. km.0 cuisine
All products …. and more, can be purchased at our new small pantry

Sobrasada saussage, with honey
Potato stone with black garlic mayonaise
Oliaigo amb figes 2014

*Tomato and vegetables menorcan soup, with figs

Sea urchin whit eggs and urchin roes
Gyozas filled like a squid
Lamb and courgette
Artisan cheese cornetto
Pomada* ice cream with melon soup

*Menorcan gin & lemonade

Menorcan Petit fours

Carquinyol, Pastiset after-eight and Amargo


10% IVA not included

Our tasting menu must be full table.
If you suffer some type of food intolerance contact us.
For market reasons, any product may change


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